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"On January 28, 2007, I found my 19 year old son at the bottom of the stairs. I called 911. It took hours before the doctor came and told me my son was in a diabetic coma. We did not know he was diabetic. When the paramedics arrived, my son coded and had to be brought back to life. He was put on life support and then life-flighted to a local Houston hospital.

During his hospital stay, he suffered from various hospital diseases, V.R.E., M.R.S.A., A.R.D.S., Hospital Pneumonia and Staph. I told my sister I wanted to bring a Reflexologist on board. She looked in the Houston phone book and found the number for Derwen Holistic Therapies. I called and Patricia McPherson told me she taught the classes and couldn't come, but that she did have a therapist in the area she could send. I had it approved by the doctors and Reflexologist, Machelle Mitchell came to the hospital to work on him nearly every day. We could see him improving. I am confident that Reflexology along with Aromatherapy (using pure essential oils) helped him avoid a lot of the infections he developed when he was first admitted.

Finally, on March 27th, he was weaned off life support. On March 3rd, his father was feeding him his first meal since his first day in the hospital. However, he aspirated, coded and had to be put back on life support. The next day his left lung collapsed, he coded and they had to insert a chest tube into his left lung. Two days later his right lung collapsed and they inserted another chest tube in his right lung... (cont'd)

~ L. Crow, Reflexologist in Tomball, TX

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