Why I.T.E.C.


When performing Reflexology at various events, clients laying back in the recliner are envied by passersby! We hear them saying, "Oh, they are getting a 'foot massage.'" Or, "Oh, they are getting their 'feet rubbed.'" However, once the Reflexologist discusses the imbalances they locate, those in the chair learn quickly that they are getting more than a 'foot massage'. What makes an I.T.E.C. Certified Reflexologist different?

The answer is: their education. The International Therapy Examination Council (I.T.E.C.) is recognized in 33 countries as having the highest standards of quality and education in the field of Reflexology and Other Complementary Therapies. An I.T.E.C. qualification means that a therapist has received an in-depth knowledge of Reflexology and is certified in Anatomy and Physiology.

More than just 'rubbing the feet', an I.T.E.C. Certified Reflexologist has developed skills that enable them to administer a treatment that can assist those who are looking for natural ways to improve their health. The qualification also certifies them to work internationally. So when you are searching for a Reflexologist, look for an I.T.E.C. qualification.

Why It is Important to Consult an I.T.E.C. Reflexologist

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